Aviation / Flight Video Camera Recording Systems

October 2015:

Streaming Camera System shipping now:


  • 1080p60 / 720p120 / 480p240  or 1080p30 / 720p60
  • 32Gb micro SD card max
  • 120 degree FOV lens (flat horizon, non-fisheye)
  • 4000mAh Li Poly battery (8hrs record time, 15hrs standby) - 6400mAh optional upgrade
  • waterproof 10ft
  • 100ft 5.8ghz wireless video streaming to 7" LCD (non-wifi)
    • Multiple wireless monitors can be added to system for passenger/copilot live viewing
  • 2.4ghz control system for on/off  and start/stop recording (non-wifi)
  • Still frame camera burst mode (12MP)
  • 4x wireless zoom in/out control
  • 4 point mounting configuration (1/4-20 universal standard)
  • Wireless pan base compatible














The cameras have four 1/4-20 mounting positions that make them compatible with VibeX, RAM Mounts, Panavise, standard tripods, or any other univesal standard camera mount.  This is the most versatile mounting camera in the world......... And it comes with 4000mAh of power standard for 8 hours of continuous recording!

September 2015:

LIVE 4ch Video Streaming with wireless pan platform is coming......





March 2015:

New GPS Map Decoding Software Released for Win7/Win8



November 2014:

HD Camera Battery Capacity Boosted by 30%

Our new Li Ion batteries increase continuous recording time to 4.5hrs, while wireless system standby time is increased to nearly 12hrs.

The new slip-fit high tension battery connectors increase reliability in extreme vibration applications and high G force events



October 2014:

An Industry FIRST -  Active RF signal strength monitoring 


This new state-of-the-art RF transceiver controller provides real-time signal strength values for each camera link to the controller, which is based on distance, obstacles, camera battery life, weather, noisy avionics equipment, and other environmental factors.  Now you can "tune" your installation for the best possible RF performance of your HD camera system.  No other multi-cam RF controller in the world has all these features that fit in the palm of your hand!


Another new feature to this LCD controller is the real-time individual camera battery life monitor.  No more running out of camera battery and not knowing about it!



FC360 Aviation Systems Overview Video!

                                         (Video courtesy www.UltralightFlyer.com)

Check out this great Super Cub video of our 4cam wireless system in action

hitting some river beds!!

Cessna 172 Customer taking FlightCam for a scenic view:

">Flight of Solace & Introspection from Lloyd Reimer on Vimeo.

4Cam wireless video recording system goes for a ride in  a Howard 500


4Cam wireless video recording system goes for a ride in an Albatross to Greenland


4Cam wireless video recording system goes for a ride in a Howard 500 to the Grand Canyon


What makes us different from the HD competition?

Watch this great new comparison video from FlightFlix Cameras:



1)  All of our HD systems have a wired or wireless transceiver remote control so you can turn your camera on/off at will

a)  Most competitors do not offer any sort of remote control feature

b)  The competitors that do offer a remote only control REC and don't have the ability to turn the camera on

so they waste precious battery life in "stand by" mode

2)  Our remote control is intelligent with active LED feedback of the status of your camera at all time.

a)  The competitors that do offer a remote do not have ANY light indicator to signal camera status

3)  Our systems can be internally battery powered or hardwired to the aircraft (up to 32v input)

a.)  The competition only offers battery power

4)  Our systems are waterproof to 10ft

a)  Contour GPS and Contour+ cameras are NOT waterproof

5)  Our systems come with GA or Heli audio input

a)  The competitors may offer an external mic, which is clumsy

6)  We have the correct Lens Field of View (FOV) for aviation

a)  The competition uses an ultra-wide FOV (170 degrees), which creates a fish-eyed picture and virtually eliminates

      your depth perception

b)  They use this type of lens because they only need 15-20ft of depth perception for thier

      applications (skate boarding, mountain biking, etc)

c)  Field of View and Depth perception are inversely proportional (i.e. ultra wide Field of View = low Depth of Field)

7)  Our cameras offer a Real-Time Streaming HDMI output port standard

8)  Our cameras have an integrated LCD screen to align your shot and review the footage

a)  The competition requires you to buy add-on module                                                       

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